Our Work

We Build Power

Lavender Phoenix builds queer and transgender Asian and Pacific Islander power to amplify our voices and increase the visibility of our communities. Through organizing in the Bay Area, we inspire and train grassroots leaders, transform our values from scarcity to abundance, and partner with organizations to sustain a vibrant movement ecosystem.

We Uplift Our Histories

Our work is rooted in the many legacies of queer and trans API people who have fought isolation, battled for our rights, and created communities of care. To understand where we’re going, we need to understand the successes and challenges of our elders and ancestors. We want to make new mistakes.

We Support Transformation

We are a political home for QTAPI people to transform. Together, we learn and practice organizing skills, unlearn ancestral and collective traumas, and relearn values of abundance and interdependence. Our organizing is centered on the transformative potential of relationships and organizing.
Image description: A graphical illustration of APIENC's Theory of Change. It starts at the root of a large tree, continues upward to 4 apples in the tree resulting in new growth below, and ultimately leads to a large tree in the background. There are star people holding up a trans flag in the background. White arrows and text describe the progression of the Theory of Change. (art by Trời-Tim Trần)

Our Theory of Change

Lavender Phoenix is a bridge between personal transformation and political work to meet our needs. Grounded in the histories and experiences of trans and queer API people, our role is to build movement leaders across oppressed communities. Check out our full Theory of Change here.


At Lavender Phoenix we educate and organize to build a world in which all people are empowered with the tools to create change and show up as their full, authentic selves. To achieve this goal we center all our work in our values.


This world has enough to sustain our people and our ecosystems, if we can come into right relationship with its resources. Similarly, our people have enough wisdom, strength, and resources to sustain each other. There will always be enough time, money, and people to do the work. We are fundamentally enough.

Honesty & Vulnerability

Systems of oppression have taught many of us to fear each other; that to be known is to be at risk. If we continue to hide ourselves and grow small, we will fail to change these systems. We need to be honest about our needs, our frustrations, and our desires, and we must hold each other’s honesty with care.

Honoring our Histories

The conditions we work in are the result of decades, centuries, and millennia of history. If we refuse to learn from our past, we will make the same mistakes and we will fail to create new solutions. We need to honor those who came before us, and endeavor to make new mistakes together.                                                                                                      


Despite our best efforts, we have not won yet. We need to let go of the comfort of familiar solutions, and try on new, creative, and strategic risks.

Reciprocity & Interdependence

White supremacy aims to isolate us. We will never succeed if we continue to work alone. As individuals and organizations, we must learn to ask for help, build lasting trust, and rely on each other if we are to win.


We believe our communities deserve the power to govern ourselves, and the resources and support it takes to do that well.


Through our values, Lavender Phoenix's role is to build alternatives—real solutions—that are centered in our communities, build self-determination, and promote healing and restoration for the land and the people. All of our programs are led by QTAPI members who are directly impacted by the issues we address. Our core programs include:
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Office 17 Walter U. Lum Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108
Email info@lavenderphoenix.org
Telephone (415) 274-6760

Our building is ADA accessible, has gender neutral bathrooms, and is a low-scent space. Folks can navigate the building by stairs or an elevator. Please contact us with any other questions about access.