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Image description: A group selfie of APIENC staff, a sunflower, and summer organizers smiling outdoors.

I am reminded I am enough

When my time as an APIENC Summer Organizer came to a close, I brought ink to skin, tattooing a representation of my transformation this summer. Now, on my right arm is an abstract person whose head is exploding, three bold eyes flying in different directions. If I could encapsulate this summer with APIENC in a

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Image Description: a Zoom photo of 16 QTAPIs, including Nisha. Everyone is smiling at the camera, and making hearts and peace signs with their hands.

We need to extend humanity to ourselves.

I sat in a Zoom room with 30 other people—most, I didn’t know, and all, I had never actually met in-person. It was our first weekend of LEX—APIENC’s API Queer Justice Leadership Exchange—and I felt a mix of anxiety and excitement. Just over a year ago, I first joined APIENC. At the time, the COVID-19

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Image Description: the Dragon Fruit Committee Reportback team showing hearts after our first meeting in April 2021.

What would you do in a world without hope?

“What would you do in a world where compassion, hope, or liberation doesn’t exist?How would you teach someone about it?” This prompt was etched into my memories from a creative writing opportunity in 2018. Looking back, I would have explained the work and community of APIENC. From the past six years of being in the

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