is an artist and an Oakland native. They first encountered API Equality – Northern California when attending a barbecue from our community partners, the Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women & Transgender Community (APIQWTC). Mary’s involvement continued when they attended our community meeting, “Your Two Cents,” and their volunteerism continued beyond that at events like our summer open mic. Volunteering with API Equality – Northern California has given Mary an opportunity to step into a space that embraces both their API and LGBTQ identity.

“I hadn’t really experienced being Asian in the LGBTQ community–it was always separate when I was going into college. [API Equality – Northern California] makes me feel included, like they are a family outside of my own family.”

When not creating art for awesome shows such as “Dim Sum and Then Some” or volunteering for API Equality – Northern California, Mary also volunteers their time at the summertime Girls Rock Camp and for the APIQWTC Banquet. They love taking art classes, making ceramics, and practicing printmaking–Mary even occasionally donates their art to local galleries and causes!

We appreciate all of Mary’s work with our open mic, PRIDE, graphics, and new communications committee!

Fun fact? Mary loves anime, and this season one of their favorites has been Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya!