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Join us to win back the resources San Francisco needs to survive and thrive!

Image Description: A group of masked trans and queer Asian and Pacific Islander people hold a large purple banner that reads: Police Out of Pride. There is a black banner to the left that reads BLACK LIVES MATTER in multiple different languages.
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The cops are ROBBING US.

This year—like every year—San Francisco’s City Government wants to steal millions of dollars from the people & gift it to the SFPD: the most mismanaged & untrustworthy department in the City. They take this money from us: from struggling food banks, from our children’s classrooms, from harm-reduction services & healthcare. And beyond their bloated budget, the SFPD continues to rob us of our lives & our dignity: every year, we grieve loved ones stolen by police shootings.

We demand the Mayor redirect 50% of the SFPD budget towards true solutions for San Francisco residents to survive & thrive.

In a safe city, we take care of EVERYONE.

In a safe city, we house our people; we make sure families have food; we invest in educating our young people; & we respond to our crises with care. Fighting for a safe city means building a compassionate city. Community-based approaches to housing, education, healthcare, & safety continue to prove successful and life-saving, while the police aggravate poverty & violence at every turn.

We demand the Mayor restore $400 million from the SFPD budget to meet the fundamental needs of the people of San Francisco.

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Since 2004, Lavender Phoenix has built grassroots transgender and queer Asian and Pacific Islander power in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As systems continue to fail us, our work has ALWAYS been about the safety of our communities. Over the years, we’ve trained hundreds of community members in de-escalation and crisis intervention; set up free mental health counseling networks by-and-for transgender APIs; led contingents for transgender APIs at Trans March to combat rampant isolation; & so much more. And in 2022, Lavender Phoenix joined the Sales family to fight for Justice for Jaxon Sales. With them, we demanded the SF Sheriff’s Department and OCME give his family answers for his untimely death.

However, after distributing hundreds of safety kits & leading a powerful contingent last June during Pride, the people in power voted on yet another budget that funded the same institutions that hurt our people and steal money from our communities. And last year, like every year, that looked like $63 million added to police funding, along with major cuts to services, such as reparations, tenant improvement grants, senior support, and assistance to small businesses. This year, after advocating for ballot measures to strip police accountability and criminalize poor San Francisco families, the Mayor had the audacity to defend herself and maintain that these decisions actively support OUR trans and queer community.

Mayor London Breed and the SFPD continue to invest in policing in OUR name, telling the story that both queer people and API people need MORE police. But we know very intimately the harm that these institutions enact on our communities. In order to build a truly safe city, we are organizing to demand CARE NOT COPS. 


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