Lavender Phoenix (formerly known as APIENC) is powered by volunteers & members. From planning programs, to facilitating workshops, to dreaming up long term campaign strategies, our transgender, gender non-conforming, queer Asian & Pacific Islander Bay Area community leads our work! LavNix works locally, on unceded Ohlone land in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are primarily organizing virtually and are dedicated to centering those most impacted by the pandemic.

We know we will only be able to create worlds of safety and transformation with a strong community of dedicated people. That’s where YOU come in!

Are you a trans queer API person (TQAPI) who wants to…

  • Organize with other transgender, queer, LGBTQ+ API people to create a world where we can be safe and heal together?
  • Build community coalitions to advance social justice in the Bay Area?
  • Learn and practice values-based organizing skills?
  • Join a vibrant and radically welcoming organizing community?

We are looking for LavNix members to lead and volunteers to support our work towards collective liberation! Each role has different expectations. Read more below!


Volunteering at LavNix means helping with specific events or time-bound projects. Volunteer tasks vary from helping set up an in-person outdoor event,  fundraising during our Give OUT Day June fundraiser, powering our campaigns, being a counselor for our trans API peer counseling program, etc. Time commitment is contained and related to the specific project or event. We are looking for any TQAPI’s in the Bay Area to volunteer with us (exception: you do not need to be TQAPI or live in the Bay Area to join a fundraiser).

For volunteer opportunities, please follow our instagram (@lavphoenix) and sign up for our newsletter. You can also join us for public events: Trans March, Summer Organizer Graduation, End of Year Celebration in November, and more.


Becoming a LavNix member means joining one of our 5 committees (Communications, Community Safety, Fundraising, Healing Justice, SKATE/Leadership Development) to help lead that area of work with other members. Time commitment is joining a committee for at least 1 year, attending 1-2 online committee meetings a month, working a few hours a month on projects, and attending our Annual Member Assembly in the Spring. *Fundraising and SKATE/Leadership committees require previous experience with LavNix programs before joining; any TQAPI’s can join the Communications, Safety and Healing committees. 

Prospective members must complete the Rise Up program in the fall to join our New Member cohort. Info and applications will be shared on our instagram (@lavphoenix) & newsletter in August.

We are looking for TQAPI’s in the Bay Area to become members and lead our work, specifically prioritizing those who are:

  • Bay Area-raised
  • working class
  • have lived experiences with the Prison Industrial Complex and/or the Medical Industrial Complex
  • have experience organizing or lots of capacity to learn
  • of SouthEast Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander and/or Central Asian descent. 

If you live outside of the Bay Area, or are not trans queer and API: we encourage you to donate at or follow us on social media (@lavphoenix on Instagram).

Questions? Please contact