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8/29/2021 – Episode 3 | Tending our Garden: Reflections on Healing and Accountability

In this episode, we’ll be exploring how our community navigates healing and accountability. Some questions we muse over, include: What are some of the things trans and queer API people are healing from, and what does that look like? What is accountability and who are we holding ourselves accountable to?
Content warning: This episode does include mentions of violence and transphobia. There is a gentle reminder before each section so you can skip certain parts if you like.

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About the Podcast

Since the Dragon Fruit Project (DFP for short!) was founded in 2012, over 200 community members have taken part in creating and activating trans and queer Asian and Pacific Islander hxstories in the Bay Area. In March 2020, a group of DFP volunteers and storytellers were planning a long-awaited reunion and report-back, also known as “Dragon Fruit’s Return.” Due to COVID-19, the reunion was indefinitely postponed and volunteers pivoted towards producing the Dragon Fruit Podcast, which serves the purpose of re-engaging community members in sharing their learnings, challenges, and celebrations from being a part of Dragon Fruit Project.
As we sustain the work of TQAPI hxstory making, the Dragon Fruit Podcast serves as a transformative portal for us to document our past, present, and futures.

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The Team

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MLin (they/them)
Production Team
MLin is a sound enthusiast and long-time Dragon Fruit volunteer, who thrives on bringing people together. They are currently pursuing the art of getting buff, planning their creative sabbatical in Taiwan, and waiting for someone to ask them out (friendship preferred, 1:1s & strong asks to get organized are acceptable).

Image description: Ralph is outdoors smiling at the camera. They have a yellow flower behind their right ear.

Ralph Leaño Atanacio (he/they)
Production Team
Ralph is a queer 1.5 gen Filipinx person who loves sharing stories with people on walks and/or over food. Currently, they are growing their skills as a painter, struggling to keep his houseplants alive, and thinking about the next time they can organize a potluck.

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Ankoor (they/them)
Production Team
Ankoor is from Vallejo, CA and works in education across the Bay Area. Their love for community organizing and archival research coincide with a deep appreciation for all the work the Dragon Fruit Project has done to record and make QTAPI testimony available to our community.

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Shilpa (she/her)
Production Team
Shilpa has previously volunteered with Dragon Fruit Project and is excited to be part of the podcast team in bringing members of our community together to tell their own stories and build our collective hxstory.

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Isabella (she/they)
Production Team
Isabella is a queer, mixed Asian American from the Bay who finds joy in listening to Kehlani on repeat and doing silly check-in questions! Working with youth and hearing stories from folks who have come before us are what give her strength to imagine what freedom can be.

Image description: Dorothy is indoors and posing for the camera.

Dorothy (they/them)
Production Team
Dorothy is an audio content creator with a background in non-commercial radio. In their free time, they like to watch anime, reading big-brained articles, and paint dolls.

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Aloe (they/them)
Episode 1 Narrator
Aloe lives in San Francisco and has been a volunteer with APIENC’s Trans Justice Committee and Core Committee.

Image description: Eli is outdoors in front of a brick wall with a slight smile and looking away.

Eli Maliwan (he/him)
Eli Maliwan (Saxreligious) is an Asian American transgender composer, music producer, educator, and performing musician on all saxophones, flute, clarinet, EWI, electric bass, and keys. Born and raised in the Bay Area, CA, Eli performs locally and tours with several groups including the Salami Rose Joe Louis Quartet, Sueños Quintet, and his own projects: Rice Kings and Saxreligious. Image description: Instagram iconImage description: icon of a globe with a "www" in the middle

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