Breakthrough Conversations

Breakthrough Conversations is a statewide coalition project. A Breakthrough Conversation is a conversation that lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people or straight allies have with non-LGBT people in their lives (e.g., a family member, friend, neighbor, colleague). We believe that having conversations with the people in our lives will spread awareness, tolerance, and acceptance.

In 2012 and 2013, our coalition tracked over 1800 conversations.  API Equality Northern California alone tracked 187 conversations with Asian & Pacific Islander friends and family. The project challenged our participants to conduct conversations with specific messaging that speaks to people’s values and experiences. Some volunteers found this project to be a means of rebuilding and strengthening relationships or connecting to people they wouldn’t have otherwise talked to. Our volunteer Suny Um (left) rekindled his relationship with his father after 8 years of silence.

While we feel better equipped to talk to non-LGBT API friends and family about LGBT issues, our conversations journey is a learning process and we have a lot to breakthrough within our Asian and Pacific Islander homes. Throughout our work we know that conversations are the most powerful way to change people’s hearts and minds and only we are able to do that for our own communities and families at home.