We, the members of the Pink Elephant Project have gathered monthly since August to share and explore our stories of faith as Asian & Pacific Islander LGBTQ and allies. Like Vince, some of us have pieced together our faith stories for the first time. Some stories are of pain. Others are of the power of acceptance. We believe sharing our journeys as Asian and Pacific Islander LGBTQ & Allies of faith will move hearts and minds towards acceptance. One story at a time.

While our shared identity knitted us closely together, our unique experiences vividly rainbowfied the tapestry. On December 5th we invite you to come, listen, watch, and taste the fruits of our labor.

What: Pink Elephant Project Showcase: A Celebration of API LGBTQ and Allies’ Stories of Faith
When: Thursday, December 5th, 2013, 6:30PM – 9PM
Where: Cameron House, Culbertson Hall – Chinatown SF


We hope to see you there,

Louie and Ellen
Pink Elephant Project Participants

The Pink Elephant Project is a collaboration between API Equality – Northern California, Network on Religion and Justice, and API Roundtable, a project of the Center of Lesbian and Gay Studies for Religion and Ministry (CLGS). Read more.