by Vida Kuang | October 19, 2014



IMG_94009:15 AM PST : Today’s the day, y’all! Wiki Edit-a-thon starts now! #WikiAPA #DragonFruit

9:30 AM PST: Check in Question: Why are you here today?#ourhistorymatters

9:30 AM PST: Our happy dedicated wiki-hackers.

IMG_94149:35 AM PST: “By the end of the day, all 17 of us will leave this building armed with the tools to accurately document our stories on a digital encyclopedia!” – Esther Kang

9:40 AM PST: Anirvan Chatterjee from Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour dropping knowledge on creating collective knowledge

9:50 AM PST: Linda Nguyễn gives us a tutorial on how to edit and create pages on Wikipedia.


10:00 AM PST: Hard at work. 

 “How does it feel to be here?”
“Historic. It’s amazing. The thing to recognize is that this has never been done before. To have this event happen during my lifetime… I can’t believe it, it was never foreseeable. It’s amazing. I can’t tell how you emotional it feels to be able to be putting our work into the mainstream. Before, it seems like we didn’t exist in people’s eyes. This gives a validation to everything we’ve ever done. By doing this, you’re part of a movement that is never going to stop. You can always be inspired, no matter where you are.”
– Crystal Jang

11:00 AM PST: Hitting the books!


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.20.32 PM 11:25 AM PST: One of our newest published pages is up: Hyphen photo editor and founder of the Visibility Project, Mia Nakano Fotor01019140418 12:00 PM PST: Lunch Break with Mala Nagarajan, writer for the Timeline of South Asian and diasporic LGBT history.


1:00 PM PST: Back to work after lunch break.

IMG_9441 “How did you get here today?” “I flew up here for Fall Break. I go to school at Pitzer College in southern California and decided to be a part of this #Dragonfruit edit-a-thon. It’s refreshing being here and to be documenting API LGBT history.” “What page are you working on today?” “I’m editing the Timeline of South Asian and diasporic LGBT history”. – ReyRey

Ellen and Suzie share their story.

IMG_9468 “What are you working on today, and how does it feel?”
“I’m having so many feels. I’m in total awe of this person who I’ve never met, but whose work I’ve heard of. It’s really surprising to research this person and see what they’re connected to. It’s surprising to find out how –we- are connected, how I’m close to this person I’ve never met. I feel like I kind of know her. I’m hoping that people who read her page can find a connection too, like their community is also growing.” – Cam Bui

Wiki Edit-a-thon was a success! Thank you everyone for coming today to re-write & make history! History is NOW! History is HERE!

Today, we created/updated the following articles onto the internet’s Free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia:

Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center
API Queer Women and Trans Community
Amy Sueyoshi
Crystal Jang
Helen Zia
Mia Nakano

Nikki “Tita Aida” Calma
Steve Lew
Vince Crisostomo
Willy Wilkinson
Timeline of Asian and Pacific Islander Diasporic LGBT History
Timeline of South Asian and Diasporic LGBT History

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