Rise UP! Immigration Week of Action 2015

For NQAPIA’s Immigration Week of Action on April 13th-18th, API Equality – Northern California interviewed Jenna Rapues, Kat Evasco, Penny Baldado, and Amy Lin through StoryCorps.

We shared highlights of their stories through a social media campaign for the Week of Action:

PennyRevised2 KatRevised2 Jenna1

These four interviews will be also be shared with local artists Kat Evasco and John Caldon on the “Take the Risk Project” to develop a full-length documentary style play that investigates immigration reform in the United States based on interviews of undocumented immigrants, activists, artists, and community members.  Stories from this session will also be archived with the Dragon Fruit Project.

Our motivations stem from capturing stories and themes that uplift members in our community – specifically trans, immigrant, South Asian, Southeast Asian and other marginalized narratives. We are grateful to be able to share these stories that are so intricately connected with our collective movements towards justice – queer, racial, immigrant and more!

Listen here to some short excerpts:

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