Celebrating My One Year: Come Run With Me!

mlinhsMy name is Michelle Lin and I’m excited to introduce myself as API Equality – Northern California’s new Community Organizer.

A year ago, I came across APIENC while searching for progressive Asian American organizations to volunteer for. I was drawn to this organization because of its mission to integrate queer justice and racial justice into their intersectional and intergenerational framework. Through APIENC’s leadership development trainings, I was able to find the roots of my politicization and grow tremendously as a queer gender non-conforming Asian American. The energy of the people that make up this organization have been at the core of what has kept me involved. From volunteer to Spring Intern and now as Community Organizer, I am grateful and look forward to building power with API Equality – Northern California in this capacity.

To settle in, I’m going to be joining Team APIENC for our 3rd Annual Berkeley Run, one of the first activities I got involved with exactly one year ago. Coincidentally, it was my first time phonebanking for a fundraiser and my first time matching my supporters’ donations through my earnings as a boba barista. Prior to this, I had rarely engaged close friends and acquaintances for causes related to social justice. Through this experience, I realized how much support there was within my own personal network, and I was inspired by the abundance within this community!

I’ve officially committed to a 10k run so let’s run together!

Watch our runners in action last year:

The Berkeley Run is an opportunity for us to come together to celebrate wellness, build community, and share our work through fundraising. Will you join me and Team APIENC in running a 5K, 10K, half marathon or half marathon relay on November 22nd, 2015?

And if running isn’t for you, join us for our holiday brunch!