Challenging Ourselves, Supporting Each Other


For the third year in the row, Team APIENC has come together to collectively fundraise and participate in the Berkeley Run. For over a month Team APIENC members challenged themselves to meet their fundraising goals, working together to learn the skills of grassroots fundraising. On November 22nd, we gathered to cheer on participants and celebrate our successes at a community brunch! Read these quotes from runners, volunteer chefs, and super star fundraisers.

“This year, Berkeley Half Marathon gifted me a “Loyal Runner” pint glass at the end of my race for running with them the last three years. But for me, being a loyal runner really meant I was a proud, loyal Team APIENC member. For me, the month of November now marks a beautiful, growing tradition of our community challenging ourselves, supporting each other, and crossing the finish line together!” – Tracy Nguyen, Fundraiser and Runner


“When I signed up for the Berkeley Run on November 9th, I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to accomplish before November 22nd. I was nervous about failure: I didn’t think I could reach my $500 goal or complete the run. But in the weeks before the run, API Equality – Northern California ensured that I had the tools I needed to succeed. In the end, I was able to surpass my fundraising goal and complete my run, all while building community with loving, supportive and radical people!” – Cynthia Fong, Fundraiser and Runner


“I really had a fun time prepping food for API Equality – Northern California’s Berkeley Brunch and volunteering with like minded folks. We have a good flow, make great food,  and the turnout of people is usually great too. There are many tasks to do from chopping veggies, caramelizing onions, making eggs, baking, grilling and setting up the spread. My personal favorite, and a tradition for three past brunches, is cutting the ham! It can get really messy, but it’s delicious.” – Mary Luong, Cook Crew

At the end of the day, we set a new fundraising record and raised over $13,000, making this our most successful run yet! We are so thankful to all the people who contributed: our runners, fundraisers, donors, cooks, greeters, community partners, story sharers, and all of our new friends.