POW! A Call to Action from the APIENC Justice League


Communities of API Equality – Northern California,

We’re excited to announce that during May, API Equality – Northern California (APIENC) will be kicking off a month-long fundraising campaign: POW! Power Our Work: Building LGBTQ API Leadership. In 2015, API Equality – Northern California’s leadership development work relied 62% from individual donors . . . such as community members like you! This year, our goal is to raise at least $25,000 for the campaign.

As we welcome our 7th cohort of summer interns and kicks off the 2nd year of the API Queer Justice Leadership Exchange (LEX), these funds will go towards our work of inspiring and training leaders, establishing intergenerational connections, and documenting and disseminating LGBTQ API histories.

Power-Our-Work-Betty-Cao-2 Power-Our-Work-Reynaldo-A.-Culannay-4

We have 18 League of Team APIENC volunteer fundraisers committed to building LGBTQ API power. With our powers combined, our team’s goal is to raise $10,000 by May 26th to support API Equality – Northern California’s leadership development program! We know the community is full of abundance and beyond.

Will you support API Equality – Northern California in powering our work by contributing $50 today? (Be sure to select “API Equality – Northern California”)

Here are some other SUPER-POWER amounts you might feel great about:

  • $150.00 = $1 for every participant in our intergenerational series of events last summer!
  • $50.00 = Goes directly to our API Queer Justice Leadership Exchange, $10 for every training in our summer training series!
  • $26.00 = $1 for every intern we’ve ever had (all seasons included)!

Please share our fundraising campaign social media updates and help us kickstart POW! Power Our Work: Building LGBTQ API Leadership.

Graphics designed and created by Cynthia Fong, Team APIENC – Communications Committee

Still looking to join our League of Team APIENC super-fundraisers? Sign up today to exercise your super powers! In addition, we have a special ballpark reception at the Bravado Lounge on Thurs. 5/26, hosted by Henry Ocampo and Lee Tran. Come and celebrate our victories over food and wine: Buy your tickets here.

Thank you for being a part of our mission, one campaign at a time.

In community,

The APIENC Justice League