Artwork credit to Micah Bazant

Post-Election Resource List

In the last month, APIENC has heard the need for our community to hold space, reflect, and strategize for our safety. Our community partners and people from around the country have worked hard to provide and compile resources, and we want to uplift these efforts, inform ourselves, and keep each other up to date.

We recognize that the struggle for trans and gender justice has always been urgent, even before the election. This urgency has only been amplified, and it is even more imperative that we continue to support our collective struggles with black, brown, indigenous, queer, trans, Muslim, immigrant, undocumented, disabled communities.

Here is a short list of Post-Election resources relating to upcoming local events, readings, and ways to take action. This list will be continuously updated so that we can keep each other in the loop. Suggestions and feedback are welcome!

In the coming year, please look forward to plugging into more of our Trans Justice Initiative trainings and outreach opportunities. At this time, we’re also wanting to continue holding deeper, visionary, and strategic conversations.

Do you have creative ideas on HOW we can work to meet the needs of the TGNC Asian and Pacific Islander communities and people, while also proactively building a world that is safe and justice for all of us? Let us know! Email to get involved or fill out our Volunteer Interest Form here.

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