[Image Description: Small preview of the 2017 APIENC graphic, filled with photos and updates from our programs]

2017 Reflections, 2018 Directions

When our communities are under attack, what do we do? Rise up, fight back! 

This chant comes up at rallies and marches throughout the year. As movements, organizations, and people involved in work towards justice, we are well equipped to fight back in moments of crisis. We organize rallies, hold events, raise funds, and respond as needed to ongoing attacks on immigrants, increased hate-violence against transgender people, and a racist political climate for people of color. At APIENC, we also know that through all of this crisis, we must reflect. For APIENC, reflection has been an important tool in understanding the ongoing crisis, historical context, and present-day possible solutions.

Reflection shows us how far we have come, how non-linear the path has been, and how far we still need to go. Each year, volunteers and staff compile APIENC highlights (you can see 2015‘s and 2016‘s!), as a tool of reflecting and celebrating all the work done in the past year. Just as we look back to packed airports during the Muslim Bans and immigrant rights rallies in defense of DACA, we also look at APIENC’s own work to mobilize an API contingent at Trans March, learn about food sovereignty at a community garden, and provide space for high school youth to learn organizing skills. You can see an even more full set of highlights in our 2017 Review Graphic, made by Cynthia Fong.

[Image Description: Small preview of the 2017 APIENC graphic, filled with photos and updates from our programs. Graphic made by Cynthia Fong.]
These reflections help us understand the depth of our community needs, the opportunities we have to create change, the growth necessary to make those changes. In this next year, APIENC will be concentrating on growing our skills, volunteer base, leadership, and resources. We want to build our communities’ abilities to organize in the day-to-day, center in strong values of abundance and interdependence, strategize for the long term, and build a new world. The next year will be a time of sustained reflection, assessment, and change. If you would like to learn more, see our first draft of our new Priorities and Directions, a document informing APIENC’s work in 2018 and beyond.

Our growing work is only possible because of our community and our allies. To be able to build powerful work, we need the power of the people. Email info@lavenderphoenix.org if you would like to get involved, and stay on the lookout for our programs and events. We hope to see you soon!