POP! People over Pride: Training Camp for LGBTQ API Youth – APPLY TODAY

POP! Camp is BACK! This summer, APIENC and NQAPIA are hosting our second People Over Pride (POP!) Camp for LGBTQ Asian and Pacific Islander Youth.

POP! Camp is an intensive 4-day LGBTQ API training camp for youth ages 14-20 to grow into organizers and activist. We’ll be talking about what it means to create change, and how to do it in our current contexts. Driven by our legacies of LGBTQ API resilience and resistance, POP! Camp participants will learn political history, build deep relationships, and gain valuable organizing skills. Our goal is to support and sustain leaders who will directly apply their training through initiatives for immigrant rights, racial justice, trans justice, and other LGBTQ API organizing efforts at the camp and beyond.

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“POP! Camp was essential for me to grow and I can’t imagine many other programs to be able to transform a small room in SF Chinatown into a prosperous, educational, and empowering space for everyone. I felt myself expand in ways I had previously not explored, such as my own vulnerability and celebrating the intersections of myself rather than dreading them. Through POP! Camp, I have met so many incredible and authentic people. I hope with all my heart this camp can continue to inspire and empower not only my generation, but future generations to build and fight for a better world.”Kai Song, POP! Camp 2017 participant and current planning committee

This four-day camp is an opportunity for big laughs, critical connections, and valuable learning. Our team is led by young people, and trainers are alumni of our previous POP! Camp. The curriculum will be shaped by participants, but you can expect a variety of workshops including…

  • LGBTQ API Histories
  • Trans Justice and Gender
  • Organizing for Racial & Immigrant Justice
  • Making Strong Asks
  • Intergenerational Organizing
  • Asking for Help
  • Self and Community Care


  • WHAT: A training camp for LGBTQIA API youth to get trained in organizing skills to create change!
  • WHEN: July 18 – July 22 (Flying in on July 18, Flying out July 22).
  • WHERE: San Francisco Bay Area, California!
  • WHO: LGBTQIA+ Asian and Pacific Islander youth, ages 14-20
  • ACCESS: We are committed to making POP! Camp accessible to participants in a variety of ways. Please let us know your access and learning needs in the application, and we will communicate as soon as possible with our capacity to meet those needs.
  • COST: This camp is free for anyone who needs it. To sustain this, we’re asking all participants to contribute for registration or flight if they have the means.


APIENC and NQAPIA are hoping to ensure that there is diverse representation from around the country. If you are interested in applying for POP, please fill out this RSVP form by March 11th 11:59PM PST. Participants will be notified by April 1st.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Jasmin Hoo at jasmin@lavenderphoenix.org.