To build a leaderful movement, we work with other organizations, supporting efforts around organizing, fundraising, strategy building, political analysis, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, trans justice, and more.

When our movements focus only on singular issues, our solutions will be piece-mealed at best. Throughout history, social movements have suffered because of a lack of trust, nuance, and well-distributed leadership. We know that our work towards justice is done best when we uplift a variety of tactics, experiences, and leaders.

Lavender Phoenix partners with different organizations across sectors of the social justice movement to ensure that all of our spaces can hold the complexity of our identities and experiences. By forming long-term relationships with other organizations we can gather knowledge, pool resources, and share strategic visions in order to create a more just world for all..

Coalitions & Networks

Lavender Phoenix is part of multiple ongoing partnerships locally, statewide, and nationally. We’re a network partner of Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality, a federation member of the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance, a member group of OurTransHomes, and a co-lead for the Transform California Coalition. In addition, we regularly work with Chinatown-based Asian American organizations and Bay Area-wide queer and trans API groups to host events, workshops, and cultural celebrations.

Training & Storytelling

We provide multiple pieces of training per year in order to support our partners to become better organizers, historians, and allies. Our trainings are often popular-education style, integrating historical lessons from the Dragon Fruit Oral History Project and practical organizing skills. Lavender Phoenix can facilitate trainings on LGBTQ API history, non-binary identities throguhout the Asia Pacific, trans rights and organizing, outreach and grassroots fundraising, building organizational leadership, and more!

Culture Shift

Social justice organizations can sometimes unwillingly replicate oppression, especially against those at the intersection of multiple injustices. Unfortunately, organizations and movements cannot change overnight. Lavender Phoenix partners with API-racial justice organizations to assess their cultures around gender, transness, queerness, and access, and helps groups shift their practices to be more aligned with gender justice and trans liberation. Since 2016, we have supported organizations to commit to intersection justice by educating their staff and members, and forming additional workgroups shifting their staffing structures, and creating new programs.

Image description: A group of 20+ Climate Strike supporters are standing or squatting outdoors. Some are holding banners and flags.
Image description: Closeup of graphic timeline of “AACRE”. There is green handwriting, big gray blocks, and thought bubbles.
Image description: a group of TGNC API people and allies are sitting indoors facing the same direction.
Image description: a group of TGNC API people and allies stand outdoors in a circle. Most are wearing bright yellow safety vests and say “Community Security” on the back.