Lesbian and Gay Couples Win Freedom to Marry in California!

On May 15, 2008, the California Supreme Court ruled in a historic 4-3 decision that lesbian and gay couples deserve the freedom to marry under state law. API Equality and its coalitions of supporters are thrilled by this momentous decision, which is a victory for all Californians who cherish fairness and equality, and will ensure that every Californian will enjoy the dignity and respect that marriage provides.

The positive ruling will impact thousands of Asian American families. According to a study by the UCLA’s Williams Institute, Asian Americans form a highly visible portion of California’s population of same-sex couples and their children. Although the numbers are difficult to ascertain, a low estimate indicates there are at least 13,000 Asian American same-sex couples raising over 5,600 children in the state.

Read the California Supreme Court opinion and press release.

Read an FAQ about the Court’s decision and how to marry in California.

Read the Asian American amicus brief in support of the Marriage Cases.

Read API Equality’s press release heralding the Court’s decision.

Read responses by API Equality-LA, Asian & Pacific Islander Health Forum, Asian American Justice Center, National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, and National Korean American Service & Education Consortium.

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