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image description: screenshot of zoom supervision check in meeting, between Chali & Yuan.

We weave stories across generations

I grew up in a traditional Hmong household that practiced under a patriarchal system with gendered roles and a religious belief of Shamanism, the belief that spirits are intertwined with our physical reality. These traditions taught me that queer Hmong individuals do not have a place in our community because we do not fit the

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image description: Screenshot of 2022 Summer Organizer Day 1 Program participants, smiling on the zoom screen. Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: Yuan, Leo, Bisma, Chali, Jasmin, Celia, Christine, Cham, Julz, Shivani, Nancy, and Iris.

I learned the power of being honest.

Growing up, I could not imagine anyone accepting me for my queer and trans identities. I viewed these parts of myself as a burden that I had to carry, something ugly and unlovable. Believing that I could never show my queerness to anyone, I hid and silenced myself. In order to keep myself safe, I

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2022 LEX: Virtual Letters to the Future

Transcript Iris (she/they): Hello future LEX participant!  Elyse (they/chanh): Hi there! Ishita (ze/them): Hi!  Iris (she/they): I hope you’re ready for what’s to come. I can promise you it’s going to be amazing.  Elyse (they/chanh): Entering the space that has been so carefully and tenderly constructed for LEX has felt like walking out into the

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Image: Bisma, a South Asian person, wearing a green hat and smiling at the camera with purple and green triangles framing them. It reads “Welcome Bisma, LavNix’s New Cultural Strategy Organizer!”

Welcome LavNix’s New Cultural Strategy Organizer!

Dear Lavender Phoenix Community, We have exciting news: Bisma Farzansyed (they/them) has joined Lavender Phoenix as our Cultural Strategy Organizer! Bisma is an experienced organizer, a budding herbalist, and a medicine-maker. They’ve organized powerful digital campaigns and created heart-centered spaces for trans, queer, disabled folks and elders to grow. Bisma first joined LavNix at our

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Image description: A screen shot of a Zoom meeting with 15 trans and queer API Healing Justice committee members smiling.

What is Healing Justice?

“What is healing?” is the question I have been asking APIENC’s Core Committee ever since we established Healing Justice as a key pillar of our new Theory of Change. In our movements, healing is all the buzz, yet what does that actually look like in community? The term “Healing Justice” also has gained attention, but

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