Chinese New Year Parade – Thank Yous!

Hi Everybody,

I just want to take this opportunity to all of you bringing your members to march at the parade. An estimated count has us with about 75 marchers. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves that evening and I thank you all for praying for nice weather!

We did so much with so little time! I was busy getting things ready and did not have any time to speak with all of you, so I just want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation!

Thanks goes to Arthur and Tee for helping me fix the convertible into a wedding sedan.

Thanks also goes to Jen-Mei and Choon for gathering the marchers and getting Trinity and Desiree to throw the bouquet.

Thanks to Trinity and Desiree for putting on the Hawaiian Wedding Dresses beautifully and loving tailored by Trinity’s mom for the 4th time for the parade.

Thanks for Jen-Mei for providing the sound system and to Deborah for the red wagon.

Thanks goes to API Family Pride for the ponchos and the cowbells.

Thanks goes to Michelle, Jen-Mei, Tee, Choon for inflating the balloons and bringing them to the meeting area.

Thanks to Stuart and John for providing the double happiness sign.

Thanks to Elizabeth for getting the red costumes for NRJ’ers and securing Rev Oda for the parade.

Thanks to Kevin for putting on a suit and driving the convertible.

Thanks to all the organizations who turned out their members in force!

Finally, thanks to all the committee members from participating organizations who came together 6 weeks ago to start planning this. Without all of you contributing, we would not have a contingent marching at all.

You can view some of the pictures here:

Lastly though, I apologized for the change in meeting area. We were supposed to be on market street but the parade monitor directed us to second street. I found out later after the march that we were not supposed to be on second street and the monitor gave us the wrong information.

It has been a real pleasure working with all of you!

Yours sincerely,
Amos Lim, 林明利, Community Organizer