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Hi Folks,

This is the week.

In preparation for Thursday’s arguments before the CA Supreme Court, the California Legislature today passed resolutions opposing the passage of Proposition 8, sending a clear message to the Courts that denying fundamental rights to minorities is just plain wrong.

API Equality is working closely with LGBT leaders to ensure that the voices of all LGBT people are heard as we move forward in this process. This week, we also want to make sure that the face of the LGBT community is one that represents us and to that end will be organizing an API contingent at Wednesday’s candlelight vigils and working to ensure that our stories are heard in both ethnic and “mainstream” press.

Please come out and join us this week!


3/4/09 – SF Candlelight Vigil for Marriage Equality
Join us at a candlelight vigil on the night before the Supreme Court Hearing. All members are welcome to attend! API Equality’s contingent will be meeting in front of Orphan Andy’s on the corner of 17th and Castro. Look for the API Equality Banner.

From Market and Castro for a 5-6pm for pre-march rally, we’ll march down to the CA Supreme Court (Civic Center) at 6:30pm for short program

You can find out similar events being held across the state at Marriage Equality USA’s website,

3/5/09 – Supreme Court Hearing on Validity of Proposition 8
Just like last year, you can watch it on TV/Online Webcast via the California Channel, view it via satellite broadcasts in the following locations (note: seating is limited and will be offered on a “first come, first served” basis):

  • The Milton Marks Conference Center, Lower Level, Hiram Johnson State Office Building, 455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, and
  • Hastings College of the Law’s Auditorium, 198 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA.
  • SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market Street, SF, CA

In Solidarity,
Tawal Panyacosit Jr., Director
API Equality |