by ASPIRE Leader May Liang | August 30, 2013

Our Families Matter

July has been a very active and engaging month for ASPIRE and API Equality Northern California about immigration reform. Since the beginning of the collaboration between the two organizations, we have collected more than 450 postcards in support of improving immigration reform. We are also on our way to collecting some truly great stories of strong, API LGBTQ immigrants, documented and undocumented. The outreaching we have been doing in the past month was primarily about the border militarization included in the Senate Bill (S. 744). We have gone out to the Civic Center in San Francisco and the UC Berkeley campus to do outreaching to the general public. We were lucky to get some great volunteers to join us in the efforts and had a fun time teaching and learning what good street outreaching means. For the next month, we hope to continue doing public outreaches with a new theme centering on the changes in the visa system and we hope you can join us!