LGBTQ IMMIGRATION PANEL | St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church | September 12th: 6pm-8pm

For over three months API Equality – Northern California has partnered with ASPIRE (Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights Through Education) to educate the public on fair and humane immigration reform. As an end-of-summer event, we wanted to gather our community partners and find ways to highlight the intersections of LGBTQ and Immigration identity. Further, we wanted to find ways to mobilize the public on this unique shared struggle. The panel brought together speakers from national, state, and local organizations. Each speaker came with a unique perspective on what LGBTQ and Immigrant communities deal with, sharing both policy facts and personal stories.

“This is not just an immigration issue, this is not just a Latino issue. This is an issue that affects us all. As an LGBTQ community, we know what it means to be criminalized.”  

-Stacy Umezu, Co-Director of Programs at Communities United Against Violence

We want to give a big thank you to all of our co-sponsors, and all the folks that helped to bring this together, which includes individuals from Out4Immigraiton, New America Media, Communities United Against Violence, Our Families Coalition, and East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition. There is still a lot of work to be done to ensure that LGBTQ Immigrant communities receive justice, so take action in your area today!

Articles about the panel: