We’re excited to be a community partner and co-presenter for CAAMFest 2016, hosted by the Center for Asian American Media.

We will be presenting the following programs:

Yeu (Love)Yeu (Love)
Pop music sensations Chi Pu and Gil Le star in Vietnam’s first mainstream LGBTQ film, directed by Viet Max. When childhood friends Nhi and Tu reunite after 10 years apart, they must grapple with burgeoning feelings against a backdrop of familial, social and financial struggle. The actors truly bring the story alive: Pu and Le are naturals in their debut roles, and the supporting cast is as lovable as it is relatable.

Director Viet Max, who is known throughout Vietnam for his hip-hop moves, fashion design and music video direction, graduates to a new level of artistry in his feature film debut. LOVE is a testament to the power of music, friendship and family — and a universal reminder that love wins.

Screening date: Sat. March 12, 2015, 5:50 pm @ Alamo Drafthouse
For more information: http://caamfest.com/2016/films/yeu-love/


Engage your senses as you peer through the lens of a kaleidoscope to view a spectrum of stories, ideas and expression. The detailed and experimental elements of THE OUT(ER) LIMITS carry you on an intimate visual journey of dance, music, art and identity in the LGBTQ universe.

Screening date: Sat. March 12, 2016, 9:20 PM @ Alamo Drafthouse
For more information: http://caamfest.com/2016/shorts-programs/outer-limits/

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