From September 8 – 16, We Rise for Climate Justice

Image description: A big group selfie of APIENC's TTAC cohort, along with the text: "Pacific Islander, Asian, trans, and queer people are directly impacted by climate change. Join us Sept 8 - Sept 16 To rise for climate justice"
Image description: A big group selfie of APIENC’s TTAC cohort, along with the text: “Pacific Islander, Asian, trans, and queer people are directly impacted by climate change. Join us Sept 8 – Sept 16 To rise for climate justice”

On September 8th, thousands of people will be in the streets of San Francisco rising for climate justice and pushing elected leaders to be accountable to frontline communities. Will you be one of them?

The effects of climate change are already happening around the world. Especially as Asian and Pacific Islander people, we see impacts in our local communities and in our homelands. From wildfires to typhoons to floods to constant extraction, our communities are being displaced and destroyed by climate disasters and the institutions and people that cause them. Enough is enough.

Now is the time to act! We are rising for climate justice, for workers rights, for immigrant rights, and for trans liberation. On September 8th, people from around the nation will be taking the streets at the March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice. The March is then followed by several days of activities designed to educate and inspire our communities and to influence the government and industry leaders who will be meeting Sept. 13 – 14 at Moscone Center at the invitation of Gov. Jerry Brown’s office.

APIENC is building a community of Asian and Pacific Islander LGBTQ folks to learn together, build relationships, and figure out where and how to plug into the local, national, and global conversation for climate justice! Want to join us in taking action? Click this form to sign up for our list. Here are 4 ways to plug in:

1. Join our last Think and Take Action Cohort, to meet others and prep for the week of action!
When: Sept. 1st, 12pm-2pm (it’s a potluck!)
Where: Near Glen Park BART (address sent upon RSVPing)
RSVP to Alma (
Access: 8 step staircase and no elevator, one gender neutral bathroom, no pets

2. Come to the Queers 4 Climate Justice Art Build, to make a cool sign and connect with QTs
When: Sept. 5th, 6pm-8pm
Where: Strut, 470 Castro Street (across from Castro Theater).
RSVP to Alma ( and at the Facebook Event
Access: Strut is accessible on the 3rd floor via an ADA elevator. Paint and markers contain strong chemical scents, but the space is ventilated.

3. Attend the Rise for Climate Justice March, in the Pacific Islander or Asian contingents*!
RSVP at the general link!
* Note: the Pacific Islander Contingent will be at the front of the march, with the larger Indigenous contingent. The Asian contingent will be following, as part of the larger front-line communities contingent
For the Asian Contingent: RSVP on Facebook or to Alma, Clara Qin. Meeting at Embarcadero BART, Drumm Street exit, 10am
For the Pacific Islander Contingent: Vince, Meeting at 4 Embarcadero Plaza, 9:15am for Interfaith Prayer
Queers 4 Climate Justice Contingent: Matt Bautista. Meeting at Sue Bierman Park, 216 Drumm Street, 9:30 a.m.

4. Come to Amazing Events, Sept. 9th-16th!
There are many great workshops, caucuses, tours, and educational discussions happening the week of the People’s’ Summit. TTAC members will be attending and leading some of these events below: