2022 LEX: Virtual Letters to the Future


Iris (she/they): Hello future LEX participant! 

Elyse (they/chanh): Hi there!

Ishita (ze/them): Hi! 

Iris (she/they): I hope you’re ready for what’s to come. I can promise you it’s going to be amazing. 

Elyse (they/chanh): Entering the space that has been so carefully and tenderly constructed for LEX has felt like walking out into the spring after far too long in hibernation.

Ishita (ze/them): The particular intersection of queer and asian–organizing that LEX captures, captured my heart.

Elyse (they/chanh): and nothing else has brought me the particular kind of joy that learning from other folks in LEX has brought to me.

Iris (she/they): It was exciting and invigorating to be in a space where I was able to actively reflect on my views and build new knowledge. 

Elyse (they/chanh): Participating in LEX has shown me the power of softness wielded deftly and judiciously, and I hope that the softness in this letter moves you when it reaches you.

Ishita (ze/them): I leave this summer’s LEX with joy, love, a feeling of being seen, belonging in queerdom and very very inspired. 

Iris (she/they): I hope that you too are able to build this community with other participants. I hope you come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to be challenged.

Ishita (ze/them): You existing as “you” is a super power, strengthening “us all.

Elyse (they/chanh): Sending you love, care, hope, and power! 

In solidarity,

Iris, Elyse, & Ishita 🤲🌈


Iris (she/they) is a nonbinary second-generation Chinese American trans woman. She joined Lavender Phoenix to find QTAPI community and has loved every second of it.

Elyse (they/chanh) is a constantly evolving artist at heart who is deeply invested in healing work, bringing folks together to create optimistic and revolutionary systems of care, and perfecting their ever expanding list of stone fruit preserves and syrup recipes. They find great joy in using accessible, renewable tools to help others divine meaning and collective truths from the softest parts of themselves. You can also find them at their local sandwich shop, bánh mì in hand, cooing at the neighborhood cats.

Ishita (Ze/Zoey/Them) identifies as a queer alien being. Ishita was born and brought up in India . Zou graduated from CIIS with a masters in counseling with a concentration in Drama Therapy. They currently work in the community mental health space in Tenderloin, SF.