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Image description: A screen shot of a Zoom meeting with 15 trans and queer API Healing Justice committee members smiling.

What is Healing Justice?

“What is healing?” is the question I have been asking APIENC’s Core Committee ever since we established Healing Justice as a key pillar of our new Theory of Change. In our movements, healing is all the buzz, yet what does that actually look like in community? The term “Healing Justice” also has gained attention, but

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Image Description: a group of 9 QTAPIs face the camera, making peace signs and smiling at each other.

At APIENC, I learned to lead with love.

Dear APIENC Community, I started organizing around my identity as a queer kānaka maoli from a place of great anger. I was angry that my lāhui lived in such dire poverty in our own homeland. I was angry that the university I attended actively contributed to the desecration of our ‘āina. I was angry that

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image description: On a bright orange background, the title reads “APIENC Summer Organizer Program” and “Apply by March 1st!”. In a star border is a photo of a few QTAPIs smiling at the camera on Zoom.

2022 Summer Organizer Program – Apply by March 1st!

Do you want to work with trans, non-binary, and queer Asian and Pasifika communities?Do you have a commitment to social justice, liberation, and collective transformation?Are you ready to learn concrete organizing skills and build movements for change? The APPLICATION for APIENC’s Summer Organizer Program is now open! Applications are due March 1st, 2022! ABOUT THE

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Image description: On a light yellow background in front of a large APIENC circle logo reads “APIENC 2021 year in review”. Below is a picture of a large crowd of masked QTAPIs smiling and posing at a camera.”

What time is it on the clock of APIENC?

Dear APIENC Community, “What time is it on the clock of the world?What time is it on the clock of APIENC?” When Michael—APIENC’s end-of-year Core Retreat facilitator—asked these questions inspired by Grace Lee and James Boggs, my breath softened. After a year of responding to urgent crises and transformations, I finally felt my feet firm

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Image description: on a wavy gradient green and blue background is a photo of Shivani, a South Asian person with short black hair and a grey sweater smiling at the camera. The header in black text reads “Welcome Shivani!” and on a red and orange banner reads “APIENC’s New Leadership Development Coordinator.” APIENC’s yellow circle logo is in the corner.

Welcome APIENC’s New Leadership Development Coordinator!

Dear APIENC Community, We are thrilled to announce Shivani Chanillo (they/them) has joined APIENC as our new Leadership Development Coordinator! Shivani is an incredible educator and organizer who brings years of leadership development experience. They demonstrate a passion for building relationships, supporting others to share their stories, creating spaces for collective growth, and developing the

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