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Image description: A Zoom screenshot of Jasmin and MLin indoors in separation locations looking off to the side and holding phones up to their ears.

Hello are you there? Reflections from our Dragon Fruit Phone Tree

It all started with the Dragon Fruit Project (DFP) reunion, scheduled to happen on March 21, 2020. Since last December, a volunteer team had been planning for an in-person event to celebrate all those who had contributed to our intergenerational Dragon Fruit oral history project. However, as the date came closer and as COVID-19 spread in the Bay Area, the team decided to indefinitely postpone the event, and to prioritize the safety and health of participants who were planning to attend. Even though we were physically unable to see each other, we decided to offer a Phone Tree as a resource for community members to check in with one another. As the COVID-19 crisis escalated, California officially put into place Shelter-In-Place orders that would drastically change our community’s needs and ways of organizing.

The Dragon Fruit Project Digital Portal is now LIVE!

The Dragon Fruit Project is an intergenerational oral hxstory project that explores queer Asians and Pacific Islanders and their experiences with love and activism in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Since 2013, volunteers have engaged with our queer Asian and Pacific Islander hxstories by recording, transcribing, and disseminating over 60 Dragon Fruit Project interviews.

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A Hello from our Springterns!

Dear Community, This is Nancy and Christine. We were ~winterns~ from Brown University and we worked on the Dragon Fruit Project for two weeks this past winter break, specifically writing short-form narratives for some of the people who were interviewed in preparation for the Dragon Fruit Digital Portal launch. Even though we worked with APIENC

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Live Blogging from the 2nd Digital Portal Working Day

Our second Dragon Fruit Project Digital Portal Working day was held on March 6th! 16 volunteers joined us to transcribe, edit, code, and write narratives, all in preparation for the launch of our Dragon Fruit Project website! Throughout the day, we took photos to document the process. Meta. Check out our live photo-blog below! 9:50am

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Storytelling, StoryCorps, and Reflections

Through our partnership with StoryCorps, Dragon Fruit Project interviewers and storytellers have come together to share stories of love, struggle, identity, and activism. Check out some of our interviewer’s reflections on the experience, and hear about why they think storytelling is important! Yifan Mai, Dragon Fruit Project Committee “With these interviews, we got into some

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