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Image description: Shivani smiles with a big smirk at the camera. They are outdoors with a white door and wall behind them

Shivani Chanillo

NOV 2021 | Shivani Chanillo Shivani Chanillo (they/them) has been involved with APIENC for about a year and is part of the new Community Safety committee. Shivani, who identifies as a queer South Asian non-binary person, moved to the Bay Area from Chicago during the pandemic and soon after, joined the Our World, Our Solutions

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Image description: Jeff is sitting behind a desk indoors, smiling with hands folded in front of them. There are reusable name tags in front of them.

Jeff Ramos

JUL 2021 | JEFF RAMOS Jeff (they/he) joined APIENC in 2019 and is a member of the Trans Justice committee, where he is working on launching the peer counseling pilot. Jeff, who identifies as a Filipino American, demi/pansexual, genderqueer and nonbinary person, attended their first APIENC event back in October of 2019, the Fall Potluck.

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Image description: Dorothy is outdoors slightly smiling at the camera. There is a tree behind them.

Dorothy Tang

MAY 2021 | DOROTHY TANG Dorothy Tang (they/them) joined APIENC last year and is on the Dragon Fruit Podcast production and dissemination teams and is a member of the Trans Justice Committee. Dorothy, who identifies as 2nd generation Teochew/Chinese-Vietnamese and non-binary, first found APIENC last summer when they were seeking out a community of other

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Image description: Sangeeta is outdoors smiling while holding up a basket of plants. There is a fence and vegetation behind them.

Sangeeta Sarkar

MAR 2021 | SANGEETA SARKAR Sangeeta (they/them) identifies as a queer non binary South Asian femme. They were part of the 2020 LEX (Queer Leadership Exchange) cohort and are currently leading an Asking for Help workshop series for Trans and Queer South Asian folks. They are a part of APIENC because they feel like they

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Image description: Jessica stands outdoors and smiles next to tall sprouting sunflowers

Jessica Mitchell

JAN 2021 | JESSICA MITCHELL Jessica (she/her) is the newest member of APIENC’s Core Committee and has been a member of the Dragon Fruit Network since the summer of 2019. Jessica and her older sister, Nicole, heard about a group of people doing intergenerational queer & trans API work at a friend’s graduation/birthday party and

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Image description: Leo is smiling outdoors along a gravely edge of a lake with hills behind him.

Leo Hegde

Dec 2020 | LEO HEGDE Leo (he/him & they/them) has been involved with APIENC for a little over a year. He is a member of the TJ (Trans Justice) Committee as well as one of newest members of the Core Committee. Leo, who identifies as a South Asian transmasculine pansexual person, first heard about APIENC

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Image description: Paige is indoors smiling at the camera.

Paige Chung

Sept 2020 | PAIGE CHUNG Paige (she/they) is a poet and a skater. In their own words, “My last writing project Nail Trap is juicier than your neighborhood gossip and my current project is hotter than your cousin’s mixtape. I’m based in Los Angeles, but I roll everywhere.” Paige first came to APIENC in the

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