Troubling developments

The anti-LGBT folks are at it again! They’ve recently hired signature collectors to circulate a petition that would ban marriage equality in California‘s state constitution. Although they’ve threatened to place an anti-marriage equality measure on the ballot for years now, they actually have the money to back up their effort this time. API Equality will be coordinating with the broader statewide Equality for All campaign to counter any such measure.

In the meantime, there is something that you can do immediately to help — paid signature gatherers are already out collecting signatures, and we need people to watch for them as they are shopping. Visit your nearest Target, for example. If people are gathering signatures, go up and talk to them. Professional signature gatherers typically have no stake in the issues, so they’ll be happy to talk with you. Be friendly, walk up to them, and ask if they are collecting signatures for a marriage measure.

If they say yes, say, “Oh, great! May I look at it?” Then read it and get a sense of what it is. Then go further and ask the signature gatherers how it’s going, how much they are getting paid for the marriage measure petition, and how does that compare with what they’re getting paid for the others. Gatherers are typically very happy to provide this kind of info. Also, note whether they are also collecting signatures for the parental notification measure. Once you have done this, make notes so you won’t forget.

If you have anything to report, especially from areas with high API or immigrant populations, please e-mail Andy Wong at

Please stay tuned for other ways you can get involved!