Help Stop the Constitutional Initiative!

This is it. We need you to act now. No more dress rehearsals.

With just a few weeks left to qualify, well-funded anti-LGBT organizations are paying people to gather signatures to put a constitutional initiative on the November 2008 ballot that would permanently exclude same-sex couples from marriage in California.

API Equality and a broad network of national and state organizations are working with the Equality for All campaign to educate Californians and encourage them not to sign onto this discriminatory and destructive petition. This is really coming down to the wire. They claim to have 881,000 signatures out of the 1.1 million they need. We have the proponents of this amendment on the run and we can keep this off the ballot if we all get out there NOW.

Can we count on you to help stop this attack on our community? If you would like to volunteer, please visit and join the “Rapid Response” team. Please sign up today!