Our New Ad Fights Back!

Our New Ad Refutes Their Lies


The opposition has raised over $25 million to “swiftboat” and smear us with television ads that tell lies — that we are attacking children and churches.

That is why we’ve launched a hard-hitting ad that refutes the lies the other side is broadcasting 24/7.

Help us flood the airwaves with the truth.

Then ask your friends and family to watch the ad and make a donation.

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Dear Members,

We got a huge wake up call this week. 60,000 people donated more than $25 million to write discrimination into the California Constitution.

With all that money the opposition is “swiftboating” and smearing us with television ads that tell lies — that we are attacking children and churches. 

We refuse to be swiftboated. 

We’ve launched our new ad, calling out their lies.

Now we need your help to flood the airwaves and make our case! Will you help us fight back by making a donation?

Research shows our messages beat their lies, but only if we can get them on the air enough to have an impact.

Now is the moment to make another donation if you can and to enlist your friends and family.  They will give only if you ask – they need to hear from you why this is so important.Tell them to go to http:/www.NoOnProp8.com/stopthelies to make a donation.

Only 30,000 people from the tens of millions of LGBT people and hundreds of millions of allies in this country have donated to protect our equality.  That is not acceptable.  We need anybody and everybody to do what they can.  Please donate today!

In solidarity,

Amos Lim, 林明利, Community Organizer

API Equality | www.apiequality.org