Thank you – We did it!

Dear Supporters and Members,

Thank you to all the organizations and their members who came out to join our Truth Squad in Chinatown yesterday. 

Four years ago, anti-gay extremists mobilized scores of conservative Chinese Christians to the streets in San Francisco. Back then, we were unprepared and the story was “Chinese Americans Oppose Same-Sex Marriage.” However, this time around, we were prepared. After four years, we now have a statewide organization and two on-the-ground coalitions working full-time to educate the API community on marriage equality and LGBT acceptance and inclusion. This time around, we were able to counter the lies and the misinformation.

While our opposition may have outnumbered us, we had over 50 people come out on our side to make signs, speak with the press, and share their personal stories. Because of everyone who came out, we were able to speak with every press outlet present at the event and ensure that the coverage was fair, balanced, and truthful!

Thanks goes to the following organizations and individuals who took time off their busy schedules with little notice to come out and speak out against Proposition 8:  

  • Rev Israel Alvaran
  • Ms Sandra Fewer
  • Mr Steve Ngo
  • Brent Lok and Wade French
  • Frances Lok (Brent’s mom)
  • Vincent Pan
  • Ms Paulie Shreck, COLAGE
  • Rev Michael Yoshii
  • GAPA
  • Out4Immigration
  • UCSF
  • Pine United Methodist Church
  • Buena Vista United Methodist Church
  • API Equality

But, we still have 22 more days until Election day and to win we will need your continued support.

Some of you may have heard about another upcoming rally in Cupertino next Sunday. Yes, the rumor is true. This past Sunday’s rally was really just a warm-up to next Sunday’s rally in Cupertino. Please stay tuned for updates.

In the meanwhile, the most important action you can take today is to donate to the No on 8 Campaign to ensure we have the resources to match our opposition on the air, commercial for commercial in market for market. Please take a few moments and give whatever amount equality is worth to you.  You can donate directly to the campaign by clicking here

Thank you again for coming out – this would not have been possible without your help!!!


Amos Lim