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Philanthropist Steve Bing and Equality California believe we can win if we can meet our goal to flood the airwaves with our message

They are so convinced of victory that they are offering a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE GRANT to help us reach the undecided voters in California.

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Our new television ad — it’s tough, it’s strong, and it resonates. More importantly, it works.

But only if we can saturate media markets across the state.

And now we have a way to make that happen. Thanks to philanthropist Steve Bing and Equality California, we can flood the airwaves with our message.

They are so convinced of the power of our hard-hitting, new message that they are offering a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE GRANT to reach California‘s undecided voters.

For every dollar donated between now and Sunday at midnight your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

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It’s going to take everyone we know to meet this challenge! Ask your friends and family to go to so we can meet our goal of $1 million by the deadline on Sunday.

Our ad gives voice to the broad coalition of organizations and newspapers that oppose Prop. 8 – from the Los Angeles Times and La Opinión to the League of Women Voters, the California Nurses Association and the California Teachers Association.

Voters need to know that these organizations – and many more – stand with them in support of equality!

But they need to see and hear it.

This is a big, bold and generous challenge. It’s up to us to meet it.

In solidarity,

Amos Lim, 林明利, Community Organizer